Topic 5 What IS and What Is NOT CSR


  • It is an investment in integrity and trust
  • It is about transparency and continuous dialogue with stakeholders
  • It is about connecting the corporate values with the business strategies
  • It is about putting the emphasis on what creates added value and long-term perspectives
  • It is about continuous improvement
  • It is a Risk management approach
  • It is a self-commitment that goes beyond the law. A voluntary commitment!
  • It is about addressing internal and external business issues/areas
  • It is part of the strategic business model
  • It is part of business’ DNA and related to core business
  • It aims for responsible development and effective cost management


  • It is not just about nice words
  • It is not always about choosing the most convenient option
  • It is not about correcting Social Inequalities
  • It is not about Public Relations
  • It is not about compliance with legislation
  • It is not about Philanthropy and/or Commercial sponsorships
  • It is not about chasing awards just for the publicity
  • It is not something that opposes the main business Purpose
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