Topic 5 How companies cooperate with NGOs

There are three stages of strategic alliances between business and non-profit (NGO) partnerships:

  • Philanthropic – when business support NGO financially but are not involved in its activities
  • Transactional – business is moderately involved in NGO activities, practise a more frequent communication compared to Philanthropic partnership and include NGOs in its business strategies.
  • Integrative – business engage a large set of resources in this partnership and carry out many activities together. The collaboration is of strategic value to both participants.

Companies can use this practical four-step guide to develop a mutually beneficial cooperation with NGOs. It’s also a practical tool to evaluate already established cooperation agreements:

  1. Select a cause that is aligned with your corporate goals.
  2. First commit to a cause, then pick your partners.
  3. Put all your assets to work, especially your employees.
  4. Communicate through every possible channel.
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