Topic 4 Practical cases

Worker Well-Being (WWB) programme

  • Implemented in 2011 by Levi Strauss & Co
  • Worker-driven
  • Employees were surveyed before implementing any program or intervention with the aim of obtaining first-hand experience of what they needed to be more engaged with, and to be healthy and productive.
  • Then, LS & CO created partnerships with national non-profits and NGOs to implement programs that met the needs of workers.
  • Since 2011, LS&Co. has expanded Worker Well-being to 17 countries, impacting nearly 190,000 workers and creating, social benefits at all levels of the supply chain.

Method (Walking the walk), New Zealand

Method’s founders witnessed organizations with a desire to recycle, that lacked the tools to recycle successfully. Instead of changing the actors, they changed the processes:

  • Created product refills in place of new packaging where possible
  • Use plastic that had been recovered from the planet’s oceans as part of their new products
  • Their processes reflected their values
  • When you buy a Method bin, for example, it comes in a recycled cardboard box that says, “Recycle Me” on the outside
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