Topic 4 Government as a Partner

There is an increasing interest expressed by the governments worldwide to support, collaborate with and promote innovation within high-risk startups due to their flexibility and focus on developing novel solutions to market opportunities. Yet it is advisable for startups to be proactive and introduce themselves to target governmental bodies themselves.

Ways for startups to work with the Government:

  1. Develop relationships with government stakeholders early. Introduce yourself and show willingness to cooperate when solving issues in area of your work.
  2. Participate in the process of Policy making in the area of your business. It will help you to gain valuable insights of governmental apparatus and thus build trustworthy relationships with influential people.
  3. Think about including a government relations professional in your team early at your business development stage to maximise results and save valuable resources.

Successful examples of startup-government collaboration


  • GovtechLab


  • Decidim Barcelona
  • CitizenLab
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