Topic 3 Why is CSR Marketing important

  • Talk the Walk: Sustainable businesses communicating how they are changing the world by being sustainable
  • Have an opinion – lobby for change
  • Drive consumers’ behavioral change
  • Change the narrative – challenge old fashioned beliefs
  • Consumer feedback – get a good sense of consumer behavior change

Example Intermarché

Intermarché drove behavioural change by altering the narrative around how consumers respond to wonky veg. by launching “the inglorious fruits and vegetables”. A campaign to rehabilitate the imperfect fruits and vegetables by celebrating the beauty of the ridiculous potato, the hideous orange or the failed lemon…

For the very first time, a supermarket decided to change the way the system works. Intermarché bought from its growers the products they usually throw away, and sold them in stores just like any others, but 30% cheaper to make it attractive to its consumers.

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