Topic 3 Impact Assessment

In previous Units, SI has been introduced. For our educational proposal we would like to explain how to do a basic social impact assessment applied on a project. 

Since SI concerns people, an important factor to consider is the stakeholder involvement. In dealing with stakeholders it’s fundamental to be clear and easily understandable:

  • Summarize the main features of the project:
    • the involved geographical area, maps could be appreciated by the audience
      • project partners and their role
      • the main activities and expected outcomes

But don’t forget to identify the stakeholders involved, i.e: who are they?, what are they objectives? Do they want to play an active role in the project or just be passive? Are they in favour/against the project?

A case study of Social Impact Assessment (SIA)

Before starting a project, it’s primary to do some research in order to know the environmental and social context of the interested area. The aim should be the commitment to reduce the negative impacts on the local community, as we are going to show in a case study reported by the IISD (you can se the preview in the next slide).

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