Topic 2 Quality Management System vs. Start-Up Culture

  • QM aims: ensure and improve the quality of products and services, secure the long term existence of the company on the market and to ensure customer safety
  • Start-up conditions: ability to create own environment, high risk of failing, fast (and unregulated) communication, fast decisions and change of strategy as needed
  • Establishing a QMS requires regulation of the way working, changing strategies, control over the environment developing and producing products or services, hence restricting flexibility and causing additional work (team effort!)

Graphic by: Pixabay

Conclusion: having a QMS comes with initial costs but it can

  • save costs in the future, when it comes to making the right decisions or preventing from making bad decisions
  • help to stay competitive and survive in the market in the long run
  • help to grow
  • help when environment is changing (e.g. during a merger or while scaling personnel)
  • support transformation from founding team to leading team
  • save the later engagement of an external team to implement QM processes at a critical point of growth

Graphic by ar130405 on Pixabay

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