Topic 2 Purpose Perception

Porter Novelli’s Implicit Association Study (2021)

  • Purpose creates stronger mental connections: When evaluating brands, respondents made higher (aka faster) associations between brands and Purpose attributes (ex: responsible, compassionate, ethical, inclusive) versus functional attributes (ex: reliable, convenient, affordable, practical) — suggesting when consumers store information about brands, they make stronger mental connections with Purpose words. So, Purpose-driven brands stick in consumers’ minds in a way other brands just don’t. In fact, 78 percent of exit survey respondents indicated they are more likely to remember a company with a strong Purpose.

Porter Novelli’s Implicit Association Study (2021)

  • Purpose brand attributes trigger beneficial action:Marketers’ main job is to not only inspire goodwill and strong reputations, but also drive action. To more directly connect brand association with desired consumer behaviors, the research then explored what types of brand attributes most motivate consumers to take specific actions. The research uncovered that, when compared to functional attributes, Purpose attributes were more likely to drive certain desired behaviors. Test respondents were more likely to indicate Purpose as the motivator for behaviors — including deciding which brands to trust, work for, be loyal to and, ultimately, form deeper connections with. This reinforces that Purpose can act as a signal to consumers to engage with a brand in myriad ways.
  • Purpose drives purchase and impulse:In a grab-and-go situation, Purpose prevails. 66 percent of respondents said they consider a company’s Purpose when making purchasing decisions, and 62 percent said a company’s Purpose is an important factor when making a quick or impulse purchase. This shows that Purpose is a differentiator not only on the shelves, but in a brand’s overall perception.
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