Topic 2 Ideas of how to implement CSR

Environmental responsibility

  • Implementation of initiatives that engage with natural resources and reduce excessive consumption, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Use of business expertise and attend to community needs
  • Aid with healthcare facilities; aid with urban renewal); ments, noise control, dispersion of industry, control of land use, required recycling)


  • Honesty in lending the products and advertising them
  • Knowledge of your own supply chain and product warranty and service

Governmental relations

  • Lobbying implementations; new business regulation or restrictions on international operations
  • Business giving
  • Educational support
  • Charity giving
  • Artistic financial support

Social care

  • Specific trainings to disadvantaged people, workers displaced by technology
  • Diversity, inclusion and equal employment opportunities
  • Specific programs for alcoholics, drug addicts or people with prison records

Stockholder relations

  • Opening of Boards of Directors to public members representing various interest groups
  • Prohibition of operations in nations with “racist” or “colonial” governments
  • Improvement of financial disclosure
  • Disclosure of activities affecting the environment and social issues
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