Topic 1 Sustainable Brand Identity

Objective: To be able to integrate CSR into marketing and communication strategies.

A commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a contract between a company and its stakeholders. As such, companies have a responsibility to communicate what they are doing. This isn’t bragging; it’s delivering on a promise.

Sustainability Marketing is a newly developed and multifaceted subject, in order to master it, it is vital that we understand

  1. Set up a Sustainable Brand Identity
  2. Identify strategies of good marketing
  3. Greenwashing

A purpose-driven company” is defined as one that “helps to positively impact society and the world.”

Purpose Premium Index: How Companies Can Unlock Reputational Gains by Leading with Purpos (Novelli P., Cone, 2018) examined US consumer perceptions of the country’s top 200 companies,

The findings is that a purpose-driven approach to business is intrinsically linked to a company’s Reputation.

  • The research revealed a strong correlation between Purpose and Reputation, as these scores moved together for nearly nine out of every 10 companies (88 percent) ranked. In fact, of the top 10 leaders named on both the Purpose and Reputation lists, four companies landed on both lists — AmazonUPSColgate-Palmoliveand Googleparent company Alphabet. The top 10 Purpose-driven and Reputational companies, according to those consumers surveyed, are: Amazon, UPS, Community Health Systems, Disney, Colgate-Palmolive, HP, Johnson & Johnson, Cardinal Health,  Alphabet, Kraft Heinz
  • To increase fidelity of purpose, companies must ensure their products and services, processes, images, experiences and any other characteristic on which consumers and investors might judge them, reflect the essence of who they are as a company and align with the aspirations and values of their customers and employees. Fidelity requires innovative thinking, demonstrable convictions and, above all, authentic actions that bring purpose to life every day.
  • Unilever recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of the USLP, sharing insights into its purpose journey, noting both victories and misses for its brands — again demonstrating the organization’s humility and humanity — while underscoring that purpose is a journey, not a destination. 
  • The power of authentic purpose comes from integrating it into an organization such that it generates shared value for all stakeholders. Where an organization is on this journey will have an even greater impact in the years to come.
  • Be honest and balanced in your communications. That means not just sharing the good news, but also acknowledging any “bumps in the road” from which lessons have been learned.
  • Recent global movements like FFF, BLM, women’s rights on abortion have taken on stroll and brands are called to react, in a social media world brands must act fast – Air BNB
  • Well-informed, engaged employees are your company’s best spokespeople. Keep internal communications a high priority to build employee support for and advocacy of company CSR programs. Structured communication
  • Showing how you are delivering on your promise communicates commitment and integrity. Do things that can be measured, and continually report progress.
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