Topic 1 Issue of Sustainability Assessments

Sustainability Assessment (SA) is a topic that has become very popular lately. As the public opinion worldwide is interest in sustainability more than ever, companies feel “the pressure” to assure customers and investors that the impact of their activities is reported and have, possibly, a limited weight on the environment.

SA is also required by many legislative systems around the world, anyway some companies are willing to assure their commitment on sustainability is pushed forward by their own internal policies. This may cause risk of greenwashing.

As we will see in the following slides, there are a lot of tools and frameworks to monitor sustainability practices like: benchmarking, product related sustainability assessments, international frameworks (IR network, GRI standards etc) that provides reporting frameworks for companies engaged in CSR and sustainability.

  • Some international organizations are starting to work together to set up frameworks in order to create more complete methods of assessment (i.e: IR network, SASB Standard merged in the Value Reporting Foundation)
  • Know the existing sustainability assessments tools can help companies to apply sustainability practices more consciously

In the following slides we are going to learn the most common methods to Sustainability Assessment

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