Topic 1 European Startup Regulatory Framework

CSR and Startups

  • As explained, CSR is a voluntary integration of social and environmental concerns on corporate activities.
  • There is no legal framework for CSR.
  • There is though a regulatory framework (including legislations and directives) that influences how companies (and startups) carry out their operations.

Starting a Business in Europe

  • To start a new company in an EU country one need to know the rules that apply and the relevant national contact point to set up a company in that specific country.

Funding and support

  • There are different EU funds available for startup businesses. To find out which one meets your needs, as well as information on support and resources, visit the Startup Europe Club.
  • You can also use the Startup Europe Partnership platform to get help with expanding and developing your business.
  • If you’re looking to increase the visibility of your business project, you can register your project on the European Investment Project Portal. The portal also enables you to get in contact with potential international investors.

The EU & Labour law

  • EU policies in recent decades have sought to
    • achieve high employment & strong social protection,
    • improve living & working conditions,
    • protect social cohesion,
    • protect the environment.
  • The EU aims to promote social progress and improve the living and working conditions of the people of Europe – see the preamble of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU.
  • Individual EU countries are free to provide higher levels of protection if they so wish. While the European Working Time Directive entitles workers to 4 weeks’ annual paid leave, for example, many countries have opted for a more generous right to the benefit of workers.
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