Activities Unit 5

Activity 10

The importance of nudges

Please write down three reasons why nudges are important for a business

Graphic by Radoan Tanvir from Pixabay

Activity 11

Please watch the video Internal Communication Experts Share Their Top Priorities

Which of the 14 priorities speaks most to you? Why?

Activity 12

Please watch this video to learn more about nudging and their benefits A Brief History of Nudge ㅡ Learn the power of nudge to win at behavioral change – YouTube

Which of the benefits do you agree with? Are there any aspects that you find unconvincing?

Activity 13

Watch the following video about nudging tips applied  to business Nudge Theory In Business With Examples

Which tip would you like to implement in your practice? Which one do you think is less relevant to you?

Activity 14

Doing an independent research, write down 3 nudges initiatives driven by companies. What was their aim? To what extent did they achieve it? Could they have achieved the same result by other measures?

Nudges initiativesName of the start-up

*In case you do not find any please write N/A

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