Activities Unit 1

Activity 1: Stakeholder management techniques

List all types of stakeholders that might be influencing your project and:

  1. Group stakeholders in the categories HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW regarding their influence over your project;
  2. Identify what triggers produced by or involved in your project might affect your stakeholders in each category and what possible reaction in them it might evoke;
  3. Identify stakeholders that might benefit by your project. You should keep a close contact with them to gain their constant support throughout the development of your project.

Activity 2

Think about the company you are working for right now or would like to work in the future and do the following tasks:

  1. Select a cause that is aligned with that company goals (e.g. Child rights, Poverty, Social Injustice, Environment Conservation, Human Rights, Care for elderly people, Women Empowerment, Wildlife Conservation, etc.)
  2. Choose NGO partners that could help you to fight for your chosen cause.
  3. Write a short 150 words paragraph outlining how your company and partners could engage in creating positive change in your chosen cause. 
  4. Write a list of communication and media channels that could be used to communicate with the public and different forms to do it (podcasts, blogs, interviews, TV shows, radio channels, etc.)
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