Activity 5

Personally, which CSR insights would you apply to your own startup?

Activity 6

Watch carefully the following video about startups:

Do you believe that startups are likely to become business? How?

Activity 7

Please read the following article and write down three things you have learnt from it:

Corporate Social Responsibility: What Is It? (

*In case you do not find any please write N/A

Activity 8


We define ethical leadership as: knowing your core values and having the courage to act on them on behalf of the common good. This exercise will help you clarify your core values. It is a challenging exercise, and it will be more meaningful if you do it silently and on your own. During the process you will highlight the values most important to you. To do that, you’ll remove some from the list. This does not mean that you are throwing values away. The ones you identify as important will always be important. The narrowing process helps you determine your CORE Values. Pay attention to your inner dialogue as you make choices. Your process will reveal interesting truths about yourself.

Assessment Worksheet

Authenticity WisdomPowerStatus
InfluenceJustice…… …….


  1. Review the values on the assessment worksheet. At the bottom notice there are a few blank lines. Use these lines to add any values that are important to you, but are not listed.
  2. Put a star next to all of the value words that are very important to you, including any you may have added. This will become your personal set of values.
  3. Narrow the list to your top eight values by crossing off less important ones or circling more important ones. Take two to three minutes to do this.
  4. Now narrow the list to five, using the same process. 
  5. Now narrow the list to three.
  6. And finally, choose your top two core values.

A similar exercise can be used in order to identify a startup’s core values.

Activity 9

Find four startups and imagine a CSR practice they could implement:

Startup NameCSR Practice

*In case you do not find any please write N/A

Activity 10

Watch carefully the following four videos about CSR in startups and answer:

  • Which of these videos have you enjoyed the most and why?
  • Which practice you consider as the most valuable and why?
  • Is there any video you have not enjoyed? Why?
  • Would you apply any insight you have learnt from them?

Activity 11

Read the following article and mention three new insights you have learnt from it:

Corporate social responsibility commitments: All talk, no action (

Activity 12

Find three CSR  greenwashing cases and write them down:

Name of the companyGreenwashing practice

*In case you do not find any please write N/A

Activity 13

  • Why do you believe greenwashing exists?
  • Mention ways of avoiding greenwashing

Activity 14

Read the article and mention three new insights you have learnt from it:

How Nigerian banks empower women through corporate social responsibility (