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Forum/Community/Posting(?) Rules:

This is a platform for lively, interesting and inviting content-related dialogues. The quality of the discussions is of great concern to us. Therefore, the following rules apply to postings and the content linked therein, which must be observed by all users/participants and are taken into account by us when moderating.

  • Relevance to the topic: Your postings must relate to the learning topic of the CSR for startups, introduce relevant aspects and may contain opposing viewpoints. The further your posting strays from the original topic, the more likely it is to be in potential bridge of the Terms and Conditions of our website and is subject to being deleted. This also applies to questions and comments that concern our moderation.
  • Respectful behaviour and language: Treat other users with respect and consideration and refrain from hostility, discrimination and defamation. Make sure that you do not belittle or ridicule anyone. Racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, anti-Semitic and other misanthropic posts that condemn or denigrate groups in a blanket manner are not permitted. It is the responsibility of the author to exclude such interpretations. Please formulate your contributions in generally understandable terms and language. Profanity, abusive language, crude, ambiguous or obscene language are not permitted. Insults, threats and abusive language as well as statements damaging to one’s reputation or business are not acceptable.
  • Objective argumentation: Support your opinion with comprehensible reasons, cite sources and respond to the arguments of other users on an objective level. Please refrain from unverifiable insinuations or suspicions. Constructive criticism is welcome if it is formulated in a respectful and factual manner and is based on concrete arguments.
  • Compliance with laws and legal provisions: You are obliged to comply with laws and legal provisions in your postings. In particular, refrain from statements that could fall under defamation, libel, defamation of character or incitement to hatred. Calls to violence are not accepted in this platform. Sharing links that lead to illegal content (e.g. unauthorised streaming portals) is also prohibited. You may be held responsible for your postings. We will release your data to third parties or authorities if we are legally obliged to do so.
  • No disruption of the discussion: Refrain from spamming (multiple postings with the same or similar content) and flooding (“flooding” the debate with a high number of posts). This also applies analogously to ratings.
  • No advertising: Advertising and other content of an advertising nature is prohibited.
  • No personal data: You may not post personal data about third parties, such as name, address and telephone number, or details of the private lives of others.
  • Report postings: Please report postings that contradict the platform’s  rules. The aim is not to prevent the free expression of opinions, but to create a climate for discussion in which everyone is welcome to participate.
  • Deletion of contributions: We reserve the right to remove forum posts if they contradict the forum rules or limit the quality of the discussion. There is no legal claim to publication. Likewise, there is no legal claim to the deletion of postings, as an entire discussion tree would have to be deleted due to the dependency of the content.
  • Blocking of users: Users who repeatedly violate the forum rules will be banned from the forum. In serious cases, the user’s account may be revoked and new registrations may be prohibited.